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Friday, September 20, 2013

New lines

We've started carrying several new lines in the store that we're really excited about. My daughter and SIL first saw Studio Dunn pieces when they attended the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York a few months ago. I fell in love with several items in the Dunn brochures they brought home, so I'm happy that we'll be representing the company.

Other lines we're adding are Fort Standard, who has some fantastic furniture, and urbancase, who carries a few small pieces of furniture and some really nice accessories. Here are some of my favorites furniture and lighting pieces.

Studio Dunn Kingstown stool

Studio Dunn Barrington chair

Studio Dunn Sorenthia light

Fort Standard Elevate tables

Fort Standard Foundation lights

Fort Standard Sprue candelabra

urbancase Alvo stool

urbancase Ledge wall-mounted desk

urbancase Sidebar cabinet/bar

urbancase Todd stool


  1. I am smitten by these new lines you are introducing. Wall mount desk, cabinet/bar, Foundation lights, Kingstown stool... all of the pieces look amazing.

    1. We love the design and craftsmanship coming out of these companies, and we also love how seamlessly vintage modern and these new modern pieces fit together.

  2. Those are all amazing, everyone of them. My wish list is growing...

    1. I've added some of these pieces to my wish list too! This is just a sample. Check out everything on our website.

  3. I love the new lines. I like the sidebar thingy a lot and am mulling that over. Also, the bar stools. At a certain point we will be in the market.

    1. That Sidebar is pretty amazing. When I first saw it, I thought it was just a small credenza, but when I saw how it opens up to reveal a bar, I was in love. I just put one photo of it in this post, If you haven't checked it out on the store website, you should. You'll like it even more. I love the Kingstown stools too. They're so simple, and the craftsmanship is so impressive. The piece I'd really like to have is that Ledge wall-mounted desk. It's such a cool piece! It looks like a plain shelf when it's closed.