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Thursday, September 12, 2013

In the store: Back for a return performance...Lucite

When we were in the Deep Ellum location, we were inundated with Lucite pieces for a short period of time, and I think we got burned out on transparent furniture. Since then, the store inventory has been decidedly opaque, but we just rekindled our love for Lucite. To be entirely honest, I think Lucite pieces are best used sparingly, but a spectacular one can make a dramatic statement in a modern home.

Take, for example, this vintage stacked console table, which is one of the prettiest Lucite pieces I've ever seen. It has a newly cut 3/4" glass top, and it's in stellar condition.

This is the ultimate in glam!

Lucite console table

Top view of base

Top view with glass


  1. AWESOME! It is beautiful and not too much. I love it with the new glass top. You need the space for it. It is a big boy.

    1. I'm not the glam type, but if I were, I'd have one of these! I can definitely see this piece mixed in with some cool Hollywood Regency pieces. Like you said, it isn't over the top glam, but it definitely has some sparkle.