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Friday, November 11, 2011

Black and blue

I have a weakness for smalls, and there are a number of them in the store right now that I wish I could find a place for. Although I usually gravitate to oranges and yellows and greens, all the ones currently grabbing my attention happen to be blue and black. And, with the exception of the Wirkkala piece, they are all quite large. Here are some of the new pieces that are my current favorites.

Bottle picture - 22.5" x 19.5"

Blenko decanter - 22"

Murano vase - 16"

Tapio Wirkkala Kingfisher (also called Ice Diver) - 8"L x 4"H

Murano bird - 9"L x 6"H


  1. That picture is so perfect!

    I love "smalls" of a larger scale. So much easier to decorate with.

  2. Beautiful! I understand why you want to find a place for them. I think I would HAVE to find a spot for the Ice Diver.

  3. I love that bottle picture. Great colors!

  4. @Tanya: I agree about the ease of decorating with larger accessories. I love my tiny Dansk candleholders, but my collection has almost reached the size where it looks like clutter instead of decor.:)

  5. @Beccalina: Wirkkala was such a big, burly outdoorsy man, yet he designed some of the most elegant, delicate pieces I've ever seen. He's truly one of my favorites, and the Ice Diver is one of his most beautiful!

  6. @I dream lo-tech: Our collection of Blenko is growing, and the blue decanter is one of the largest pieces we have. It's really gorgeous.

  7. @Vintage Hunter: I love, love, love that picture, and my SIL has it priced at only $30!