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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Harkerware clocks

Most people are familiar with Russel Wright's American Modern line by Steubenville and the Casual line by Iroquois. I've been asked which one of the two companies made the clocks for General Electric.

As a matter of fact, neither did. The ceramic clocks were part of the White Clover line by Harker Pottery that came out in the early 1950s. White Clover was available in Golden Spice, Meadow Green, Coral Sand and Charcoal.

Along with other American potteries, Harker was experiencing financial difficulties and only produced White Clover for five years. However, the clocks are still quite easy to find and are reasonably priced.

White Clover ad
Meadow Green
Golden Spice
Coral Sand
White Clover clock ad
Better Homes and Gardens, November 1954 - Mr. McPants


  1. I've looked on eBay and Etsy today, and it appears that the going price for one in reasonably good original condition ranges from about $59-68.

    I got mine much cheaper than that, but it was just the face. I had to replace the working clock parts, which I would have done anyway. As much as I love original vintage items, I can't stand cords!

  2. I have a couple of bowls by Harker. Didn't know it produced ceramic clocks as well. What color is yours?

  3. @I dream lo-tech: Mine is the Meadow Green color.

  4. I have the charcoal version that I need to convert to battery and would like to keep the original hands. Do you remember how you converted yours to battery? There are so many movements and sizes that I'm not sure which one to choose that will be silent and able to attach the hands.

    1. Stephen, I'm sorry, but it's been a couple of years, and I don't remember.