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Thursday, November 3, 2011

New corner, new look

Around here, nothing is set in stone, especially if it has wheels. I've moved my tea cart/bar again, and now it's home to a full set of Hellerware glassware to go with my Hellerware ice bucket and vintage martini shaker. There's even a spot on the bottom shelf for my Kromex tidbit servers.

For a while the cart was in my dining room, but I bought a teak corner cabinet to hold my Iroquois Harvest Time collection, so I rolled it to a corner in the living room. I looked longingly at the Hellerware glasses on eBay for weeks...maybe even months, because the seller kept relisting...and I finally made a decision to buy them. The glasses slip into a metal sleeve lined with cork, which keeps drinks cold and eliminates condensation.

The other day, I could tell that my Carter Brothers scoop chair wanted its old corner back, so the bar got shunted to yet another corner of the living room. To make it feel better about its vagabond life, it got to take the new Nelson knock-off clock with it. The scoop chair got a Kandinsky print as a consolation prize.

Now the bar is complete and in a permanent spot...or as permanent as things get at my house.


  1. Wow, those glasses are really neat! I have never seen them, now I will be on the lookout :)

  2. @Rachael: I stay on the look for all things Hellerware now. I've bought several things, and they're all really nice quality and have stayed looking brand new. It must have been a nice line back in the day.

  3. Love it! Would love to join you for a drink!

  4. @Jenny: Anytime you're in Texas, you're welcome to stop by for a drink! :)

  5. Love the bar! We recently got a vintage wall unit that came with a built in bar and I love it. Hope to share some pics soon. A home just isn't a home without a bar.

  6. @Kimberly: I love the wall units with built-in bars. We've sold several of them in our store, and I always think they're the coolest things! I'd love to see pictures of yours.