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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The littles are growing

I posted in August about starting a collection of small silverplate Dansk candleholders for 1/4" tapers. At the time, I only had the onion style by Jens Quistgaard and the leaf style by Gunnar Cyrén.

Since then, I have added doves, also by Gunnar Cyrén, and stars. I haven't found out yet when the stars were produced or who designed them. They're the largest of the group, measuring 3" across. If you know anything about them, I'd appreciate the information.


  1. Nice collection! Love the doves, and sorry to say I can't help you with the ID.

  2. @Mid Mod Mom: As always, I'll run across the name of the designer when I'm looking for something entirely different. Never fails. :)

  3. look so awesome..those doves in particular stole my heart

  4. @Sudha: The doves are my favorites too. I also like the onions, because their base allows them to sit straight or lean to the side.