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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're outa here...

Some things just can't sit still. They're in and out of the store before I can even enter them into inventory or put a tag on them. Such was the case last week with this pair of Platner side tables and Danish style dining table and chairs, which I planned to reupholster.

My SIL usually lists items on our Facebook page first, giving our most loyal customers a first shot at things before they go on the website or on Craigslist/eBay/Etsy. It's amazing how fast people can negotiate city traffic when there's a bargain to be had.

Oh, speaking of our online stores...we're offering free shipping for the holiday shopping season in our Etsy store if you use the coupon code MID2MOD, as well as in our eBay store.  We've lowered prices on several items too. I have a feeling quite a few more things are going to start flying out the door any minute now.

Danish dining set

Knoll glass-top tables by Warren Platner


  1. Good Morning Dana:

    If I lived in Texas, I'd be! You guys find the best stuff. You know MCM is not easily found here in Ohio, at least not where I am at. When we bought our dining room set it was in the antique owner's warehouse, not even in his shop. We felt so lucky to find it as we love it. That's a great dining room set and I can see why it didn't last. I wanted that blue sectional as I told you:(

    Have a great day!

  2. @LeAnn: I have a good friend in Cambridge, Ohio, who opened an antique mall booth last year in Columbus. She had a whole basement full of great mid-century furniture that she was selling, but I think it went fast. Last I heard, she was selling vintage jewelry and handbags and some vintage clothing.

  3. So happy to hear the goods are flying off shelves! Not surprised, at all, though.

  4. @Tanya and DearHelenHartman: Since this is our first Christmas season, we're not sure how sales of large items will be affected, but we're hoping the sale of smalls will make up for any slow-down.

  5. who is the maker of the dining set..i had the same one before i bought my drexel :)

  6. @Sudha: I'll have to ask my SIL if it was marked. It sold so fast that I haven't even entered it into inventory yet and don't know anything about it.

  7. I just bought a beautiful mid century modern dining set with matching hutch. I has a makers mark that says Industrial Modern Morris. Does anyone have any information on a Morris set?