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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In the store: More Planner Group

A very nice Paul McCobb Planner Group coffee table just came back from its makeover at Toshmahal, and its going to make a sleek addition to someone's home. This table is low and lean, and it has a lovely walnut finish with an interesting grain. (You might want to take a look at the great post on Better After about Hank Tosh, the man who works his magic on our wood pieces.)

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Paul McCobb Planner Group coffee table (with red Knoll chairs by Lewis Butler in the background)

Alternate view of McCobb coffee table

Close-up of the wood grain on the McCobb coffee table


  1. Replies
    1. haha From now on, that will be our one and only criterion for good design!!!

  2. Oh man look at that grain....wood grain will get me EVERY single time. Beautiful.

    1. Isn't it simply amazing? And the finish that Hank got on it is so beautiful!

  3. Love the table. It's the perfect size and it's beautiful. What more can you ask for in a table.