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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Bagni, I think

While researching Raymor tags recently, I found several lists of codes used by Raymor for designers and manufacturers. The lists were made by serious collectors, and while there are admittedly some guesses, I compiled them to post here, since you might find them useful in identifying pieces you run across.

ANE Toscane
BAG Bagni
BAL Baldelli
BIT Bitossi

CIC Pietro Ciccoli
CIN Cinelli (?)
ETR Etruschi
FAN Fantoni
GA Gambone
ICO Ico Parisi
LAC Laca Albisola (?)
MAN Mancioli
PF Fantoni
TAS Tasca

ZAC Zaccagnini 

If you have other codes to share or any corrections to make, please do. Information is always welcome here.

My Alvino Bagni lidded jar, which retains the tag shown above

I happened upon information indicating that Alvino Bagni pieces are sometimes found with only the word "Italy" stamped or hand-inscribed on the bottom, like this:

Bagni Sea Garden vase

That inscription jogged my memory. I had been trolling eBay a few days before, stashing pieces in my Watch List till I had time to mull them over. I remembered an ashtray with a similar mark. Upon comparing the photos, they looked enough alike for me to hit the Buy It Now button and pay the seller $20.


  1. Nicely done on the eBay score. It is not common to get a deal on eBay anymore. I nearly consider eBay internet retail. Vs actual shops which are retail for sure. Also, I appreciate the article on the tags as I like Raymor very much and have a few pieces myself.

    1. I agree that most eBay sellers seem to check 1stdibs too much. I absolutely refuse to pay retail prices on eBay. The idea is ludicrous. The other day when we decided to close out our current smalls and sell them on eBay, we sold them for a fraction of the price we had on them in the store. Those people truly got the old-time eBay deals.

      I was pleased to find the list of Raymor codes too. Raymor and Rosenthal Netter imported items from so many companies in Italy that it was really helpful for serious collectors to do the work of identifying them for a casual collector like me.