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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Simpson Door: Modern glass choices

Yesterday's post featured a number of door styles available from Simpson Door. As if there weren't enough decisions to make already, a door buyer would also benefit from the broadest selection of glass I've seen anywhere. I think I'd have a harder time choosing a glass pattern than deciding on the door itself, but to make it a little easier, the company gives you a privacy rating for each style.

Cross Reed

Delta Frost

Narrow Reed

"O" 32 Clear






Screen Dot

Sea Spray

Of course, there are the usual clear, clear beveled, tinted (azurelite, bronze and gray) and satin etched glasses available, in addition to an opaque white glass that lets the light through but gives total privacy and several more ornate patterns that would probably be better suited to more traditional style doors.

Hmmmm, would I choose Narrow Reed, Rain, Rooftop or Screen Dot? What's your favorite?


  1. Yes, but have you received the quote yet?

    1. Yes, and I updated yesterday's post with the information. They're much cheaper than Crestview Doors, and there are dealers all over the country, so I'd say that makes them worth looking into.

  2. Very pretty. But I'll have to go check out the doors. We need a new front door very badly.

  3. I love these. I used to see patterned glass a lot more when I was younger. It's very useful inside the home if you lack windows like we do here in New York. If you put up french doors with patterned glass you can still have the light from the only windows that are in the front or back of the house or apartment. We have zero lot lines here so no windows on the side of the buildings.
    Also, I was going to mention that I would love to take part in your Sunday conversations but I don't get the post update on Sunday until 24 hours later. How do I change my email preferences concerning your blog?

    1. When I built my secondary suite, I had satin frosted glass put in all my windows so I wouldn't have to use window treatments. I get lots of light, but I also have lots of privacy. I don't get claustrophobic, because the sliding door opening onto my back yard (not visible from the main house) is clear.

      I'm not sure why there's such a tremendous lag between the time I post and the time it shows up on the feed. That started when I switched to self-hosting on our store website instead of having a Blogspot address. I've noticed that occasionally it shows up on the feed immediately, but far more often it takes hours. I don't think it's your email preferences. I think it's just Blogger. Feel free to comment whenever you read the post. Several other people are doing that, and I always go back and read all comments.