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Saturday, August 13, 2011

And one more thing...

We've had this spectacular 10-foot George Nelson-style sofa with built-in end tables in the store for a while, but I'm just now getting a photo posted here. I'd love to have this beauty in my home, so maybe there has been some sort of subconscious attempt on my part to keep it for myself by not showing it to anyone.

It's one of those pieces that looks good with so many other things in the store that you just want to take home a truckload. Look at it with the round white coffee table...and the bullet planters...and the brown and white Italian vase and Plato lamp behind it. We even have a cool credenza with white pulls that I posted about yesterday which would look perfect in the room with this sofa. Oh, and did I mention the George Nelson cigar lamp?


  1. That is a nice sofa. I almost got up early yesterday to go to an estate sale that had a similar sofa that looked like a cross between what you have shown and a Jens Risom sofa/table. I'm at an estate sale now waiting outside 2 and a half hours early. First in line! Might pick up a sofa in chair this morning. Depends on pricing.

  2. Gorgeous! I can see why you'd want to scoop it all up and plant it in your house...bullet planters and all!