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Friday, August 5, 2011

Helloooo, Hellerware

The Hellerware ice bucket I posted about the other day just came in, and so did the Hellerware 12" Candle Lighter set I won on eBay.

The candles use lighter fluid and are guaranteed to last a lifetime without chipping, dripping or breaking. The original set consisted of:

  • A pair of gold plated tops with attached fuel containers and wicks
  • A pair of clear outer tubes
  • A pair of gold flecked outer tubes
  • Six pairs of color inner tubes in white, avocado green, burnt orange, Christmas red, Wedgewood blue and pastel pink

My set is missing the Wedgewood blue inner tubes but is in excellent shape otherwise. The outer tubes are a very thick plastic into which you insert the colored inner liners. I didn't think I'd like the glitter-look outer tubes, but they're really cool, in a funky sort of way. The glass fuel containers with gold plated tapered tops fit into the tube, creating a non-drip "candle." I can't wait to pick up some lighter fluid and try out these beauties.

Hellerware Candle Lighter set

Close-up of the candles
Close-up of fuel container
Directions in the lid of the original box
Now I have a good excuse to look for new candleholders...
in teak, chrome and brass.


  1. WOW. I found some of those once and had no idea what they were, just looked like another dangerous idea brought to us by the great minds of the past!

  2. wow! never knew what these were.. :)

  3. @DearHelenHartman: I'm hoping these aren't any more dangerous than the long-nosed butane lighters most people have around the house. I promise that I don't leave regular candles unattended, and I won't these either. Of course, if you see me with singed eyebrows, please refrain from saying "I told you so." :)

  4. @Sudha: I had never seen these either till I ran across them on eBay. I thought my grandmother had bought one of every trendy thing that came down the pike, but I guess she missed these. :)

  5. Noticed these on ebay recently. Let us know how they work if you work them!

    P.S. for a decade I did field work, and I had a butane curling iron for out in the sticks when I was young and cared about how I looked to the desert animals lol. It worked fantastic, so I imagine these are about the same.

  6. @1950sarh: I haven't bought lighter fluid yet, but when I do, I'll let you know how they work.

  7. Wow, these are so cool! Who would've thought such a nifty thing existed?

  8. @monogirl: I think they'll be kinda funky and fun to use.