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Monday, August 29, 2011

More auction scores

It was a big weekend for auctions. We got back to the store after the local auction I posted about yesterday, only to participate a couple of hours later in another one online. My SIL won so many things that it will probably be just as economical to go pick them up a few states away, since there are several pieces of furniture, one of which is a sofa. I don't think you'll hear my daughter complaining about taking some vacation time and going on a nice trip with hubby and boys. The past few months of getting the store up and running has cut into some of their family time, and this will be a well-deserved getaway for them. (I think they were hoping he'd win the sofa so they'd have an excuse to hitch up the trailer and head out of town.) I'll stay behind and tend the store.

We usually wait till we have things on the floor to show them to you, but we're so excited about some of them that we simply have to give you a preview of the auction house photos.

Signed Hilde Weingarten lithograph "Bright Afternoon"
25" x 21.5"
Signed James Sicner lithograph
24.5" x 20.5
Another signed Sicner lithograph
22.5" x 28"
Massive Fayette floor vase - 41" high
Black lacquer Herman Miller tulip table - 46" round
Upholstered armchairs
Bertha Schaefer attributed sofa
originally purchased at Abraham and Straus

I'm sure you'll see these pieces again when they get to Texas and make their way onto our floor. We're also awaiting the arrival of a couple of Danish chairs my SIL won on another online auction several days ago. He's really been scooping up some great things lately!


  1. That sofa is beautiful! People weren't afraid of color back in the day. It's just stunning. I really love that Bright Afternoon litho. I think it should be sold with the sofa!

  2. I love that sofa! Those stripes are cool! I love how they are so subtle on such a bright color.

  3. Wow fantastic new items. The art is very cool and I really love the chairs. The sofa has great color.

  4. The prints are awesome, the first one would be amazing hung over that sofa!

  5. PS I just mentioned the couch in my latest post. The serendipity of aqua couches lately has been striking.

  6. @monogirl: Loved your post...and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find the perfect couch!

  7. Great finds but that floor vase is exceptionally nifty!!