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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In the store: Diamonds, furs and...Huh? Turtles?

Several new items have found their way to the store in the past few days. Some are great estate sale finds, some are consignment items and some are pieces formerly in the warehouse that have been cleaned and polished and are ready to move up in the world.

You've got to love the Bertoia Diamond chair and ottoman. The large Abercrombie & Fitch style leather turtle (who is known around Mid2Mod as Oscar the Amazing) also won a place in our hearts very quickly, and the vintage fur throw was just too glamorous to pass up at a recent estate sale.

The Robert Sonneman floor lamp a sat in the warehouse for a few days till we got it all spiffed up and ready for the store, but it is a knockout now.

Diamond chair and ottoman by Harry Bertoia

Leather turtle ottoman, nicknamed "Oscar the Amazing!"

Vintage fur throw

Lucite and brass lamp
And the writing around the shade? Hermes!

Robert Sonneman lamp, polished up and in the store

This Nils Jonssen cabinet for Troeds Bjärnum was in the warehouse too, but it sold the minute we brought  it into the store over the past weekend.

Nils Jonssen cabinet for Troeds Bjärnum - SOLD!!!


  1. That Oscar is pretty special! What a great find! :)

    1. Grandson #1 fell in love with Oscar last night.

  2. Replies
    1. We have it in a huge chrome and Lucite display in the store now, and it looks fantastic!

  3. All really fun pieces especially the turtle! Not suprised that Nils Jonssen cabinet didn't last long :)

  4. Replies
    1. We completely reset the floor last night and today, so it really does look amazing now. Oscar does have a lot of personality, doesn't he? :)

  5. I have a turtle ottoman just like Oscar! :) I have no idea of its worth... could you please help me in that department??

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Most of the leather turtles I'm seeing online these days, including the one on 1stdibs right now, are bringing around $600.

    2. Thank you so much for the info! :)

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