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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As time goes by

Most of the great vintage items I remember from my childhood were thrown away over the decades, replaced by something newer, though not always something better.

Such has not been the case in the family of blogger friend Mick of Everyone Goes to Mick's. His 90-year-old grandmother moved things to the barn when she stopped using them, so Mick has had access to a treasure trove of vintage pieces. Other things he has thrifted, bought on eBay or received from friends. The result is his fabulous lakehouse, the Casablanca...and, as time goes by, the preservation of precious family memories.

I visited there over the weekend with Mick and his girlfriend Patricia, and they showed me a wonderful time. Conversation was lively, Patricia's brownies were heavenly and everywhere I looked in the Casablanca, there was something amazing to see!

Talk about feeling special! 
The pristine and working "almost like Lucy's" stove
The beautiful Pyrex collection...just two more pieces to go!
Kit Cat of my earliest childhood memories
Ike and Mamie plate...the first President I remember
The absolute cutest lampshade ever!
Great seating area with a beautiful credenza Mick scored for FREE
Close-up of the TV top...pure 50s, each and every piece

As if getting to visit the Casablanca weren't enough, I also got to see Zombie Prom, a lively musical production for which Mick designed the sets and in which both he and Patricia are performing. The 1950s setting made it a perfect fit for them, as they were able to wear their own vintage clothing instead of costumes provided by the theater. Mick stole several scenes with his natural comedic flair, and Patricia played the sexy, nail-filing secretary to perfection.

Zombie Prom cast
Courtesy: Backdoor Theatre
Mick is at the far right of the front row, and Patricia is second from the left on the back row.

Several Zombie Prom cast members who also frequent the Casablanca
 l to r, Terrace, Jarrod, Mick, Patricia, Emily

If you aren't already following Mick's blog, drop by for a visit. I guarantee that you're in for a treat.


  1. What a cute post, and a fabulous home! Looks like Mick and Patricia get a great kick out of M-C and vintage.

    Love the welcome sign! But then who wouldn't welcome you with open arms?!

    1. Mick and Patricia are the perfect host and hostess. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome. They're the best!

      And vintage is their lifestyle. They live and breathe it. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! What a fabulous home full of treasures!! The seating area, the kit cat clock, the lamp - retro heaven!! Love Love Love.

    1. My pictures are only the tip of the iceberg. There's no way I could show it all. You'd love the Casablanca!

  3. Mid2Mod + Mick could only spell fun!
    I've visited Mick's blog a few times; always interesting, a real time warp to the 50s/60s. The casablanca is awesome. So many great pieces and setups. The living room's my favorite.

    1. And fun it definitely was! I forgot to mention that the Casablanca has its own mini drive-in theater in the back yard, with tons of vintage lawn chairs and an old Coke box and an outdoor bar. I could go on and on. :)

  4. We are thrilled you had a good time and enjoyed the show. It was our pleasure having you. Thank you for the nice write up, and come back and see us soon!

    1. And thank you again for everything! It truly was a blast from the past in every sense. :)

  5. I love how you were welcomed!
    What a cute sign and Casablanca looks like a lovely little place to visit.
    It's like a mini museum of decades past.

    1. Isn't the sign the cutest thing ever? Everything about the Casablanca is fun!