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Monday, June 4, 2012

Poul Volther

Poul M. Volther
Poul Volther (1923-2001) was a prolific and insightful Danish designer. He graduated as a master cabinetmaker from the Danish School of Arts and Crafts and later turned his sights to furniture design. He later graduated as an architect from the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts.

In 1949 his close friend Hans Wegner helped him get a position with FDB design studio, which was headed by Børge Mogensen. Eventually Volther was made head architect of the firm.

Volther later became a teacher at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts, where he influenced hundreds of future architects and designers.

He is best known for his Corona chair, which was introduced in 1964. It was conceived three years earlier and produced in oak, but the 1964 version was made of steel. In 2002, one year after Volther died, it was chosen as the chair for heads of state at the European Union Summit.

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Rocking chair for Gemla
JE53 chair
Corona chair
Wing chair
Teak chair
Three-drawer chest
Pyramid chair


  1. I love the wing chair and the pyramid chair the best.

    1. He's so famous for the Corona chair, but I agree with you. Steel isn't really my thing, and I do love that wing chair, and I actually think the Pyramid chair is prettier than the Corona.

  2. The older I get the less appeal I see in low slung furniture! Lovely to look at, impossible to lift my bum out of!

    1. I concur...and the same goes for overstuffed cushions.