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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flavio Poli

Flavio Poli (1900-1984) was an Italian designer and businessman. He was born in Chioggia and attended the Istituto d'Aret di Venezia. He began his career as a designer of ceramics but switched to glass in 1929 when he went to work for Libero Vitali's I.V.A.M.

While there he designed animals and  nude figures, as well as bowls and urns with figures resting on the inside, on lids or as handles. He later worked with the Compagnia di Venezia e Murano, with Mario and Lino Nason and with engraver Gino Francesconi.

In 1934 he accepted the position of artistic director for Barovier, Seguso & Ferro, which later became Seguso Vetri d'Arte and became a partner three years later. Together with Archimede Seguso, he created grand lighting installations, acid-corroded (corroso) vessels and glass sculptures. At the height of his career, in the years between 1950 and 1960, he designed a series of sommerso (cased) glass pieces in a Scandinavian style 
which won a number of prestigious prizes.

He left Seguso in 1963 and organized the glass division at Società Veneziana Conterie e Cristallerie.


Sommerso lamp
Sommerso vase
Floor lamp
Fish sculptures
Geode sommerso bowl
Corroso horse
Sommerso vase
Sommerso bowl
Triangular sommerso vase
Glass bird
Sommerso vase
Corroso bowl


  1. Immediately, that sleek floor camp caught my eye. It's giving me that space vibe. I like!

    1. It definitely has a space capsule vibe going on. It was designed for the 1958 Venice Biennale, so space travel was on everyone's mind, for sure.

  2. All really gorgeous pieces! I love the fluid lines and colors. Another great example of simple elegance!

    1. Love the lack of ornamentation in his later pieces, allowing the beautiful colors to speak.