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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Buying trip

As soon as the store closes today, my SIL will leave on a buying trip. He plans to head east, making his first stop in Atlanta. Then he'll head up through the Carolinas and Virginia to eastern Pennsylvania, where he will pick up some items he won in a recent auction. He'll head west through Ohio, make a short detour to the Detroit area and then on to Chicago, finally going to St. Louis on his way back to Dallas.

If you live anywhere on his route and have something for sale, or if you have any favorite spots that you think he ought to check out, email me at, and I'll let him know. He's planning to do this trip in four days, so he'll be driving almost non-stop. I can't guarantee he'll get back to you, but I know he will appreciate any information you have to share.

Approximate route of buying trip

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  1. i like your and research ect, however ,i found this to be self serving, and for free asking people to give up there shopping and or picking spots ( reducing enventory in their own town/area so you all can broaden your reach, and you can hall it back to texas for real higher prices. .i understand the approach from a business plan. but the people given you the tip loss.
    ask your self ,why should it matter to them ( the one given you the tip) if your truck comes to there town.

    1. Hardly a day goes by without people from all over the country contacting us about something they want to sell or telling us about shops we should check out. We also refer people to other sellers, locally and around the country. Stores all grow by good will and word of mouth, and dealers are genuinely appreciative when people spread the word about them. If no one ever shared information about good shops, we'd all go out of business. It was in that spirit of cooperation that this post was written.

      I understand your concern (and I'm glad you like the blog otherwise), but I promise that we're not trying to come into a town and make a clean sweep. If we pick up one or two exceptionally good pieces in each city, it will be a very successful trip. However, I don't expect anyone to feel an obligation to share information he'd rather keep to himself.

      To answer your question directly, though, our truck coming to town will only matter to any given individual if he has something he'd like to offer for sale or if he is inclined to help a dealer he likes. We don't expect anyone to alert the press that my SIL is driving through. :)

      All joking aside, if any other readers found this post self-serving and crass, you have my sincere apologies.

    2. Not really sure what the issue is here. Sellers have stuff they want to get rid of and Dana's SIL is looking to buy. It's a win-win. Anyway, If your SIL makes a stop in STL and wants to grab some grub or something, you know that Mr. Mod and I are here.

    3. Thanks, Nick. I was worried that maybe I was missing an obvious faux pas on my part.

  2. Dana, "self-serving" and "crass"never crossed my mind. Cheers.

    1. I'm glad to hear that, Ton. Since my blog is connected to our store, I like to share news...what we have and what we're doing...but I don't want to offend in any way.