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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another sweet eBay deal

When I discovered HK Designs a couple of days ago, I checked eBay to see if I could find any of their products listed. To my surprise, I found one of their Russel Wright reissues…a large spun aluminum cactus pot that retails for $125…and it was starting at $9.95 with no reserve.

The auction had a couple of days left to run, so I made myself wait to place a bid. It’s been my experience that if you lull someone into feeling he’s the only person interested in bidding on an item, he’s a lot less likely to be sitting right in front of the computer the last few seconds of the auction to battle it out with you.

As it turned out, the bidder had placed a maximum bid of $29.95 and never upped the ante. I edged him out at $30.95. It would have been great to get it for $9.95, but I never really expected to be that lucky. I’m perfectly satisfied with the outcome!

HK Designs Russel Wright cactus pot


  1. Beautiful score! What are the dimensions?

  2. It's the large size that's 9" in diameter and 5" high. I'm pretty stoked, since we all just found HK Designs and were talking about how cool their stuff is. At $125, I was going to have to talk myself into that purchase (which I eventually would have done, but it would have taken some time). I never dreamed I'd find a piece on eBay so soon...or so cheap.