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Monday, October 18, 2010

One last thing about the free stuff

Saturday we picked up the last two loads of free furniture left over from my friend's estate sale, and I got excited all over again.  We filled my workshop to capacity, and we plan to have a big sale of our own in a couple of weeks.

I thought my daughter and son-in-law were going to take several pieces, but as it turned out, I got to keep everything.  I suppose it was an unselfish, motherly gesture to offer them anything they wanted, especially since my wonderful son-in-law did all the heavy lifting, but my greedy little alter ego was secretly delighted when they didn’t take some of the things I was coveting.

The huge Van Hoople picture that I was certain would be hanging behind the their sofa right now is prominently ensconced behind my own, and the blonde bookcase has been repurposed into a small bar/glassware display.

After more discussion with my daughter yesterday, I learned that she may actually want the blonde bookcase, although she thinks she might prefer the bottom section of the china cabinet, which was not a piece I needed. Naturally, if she chooses the bookcase, my motherly instincts will kick in again, and I'll gladly let her have it.  After all, this was a windfall, and it should be shared.  To be honest,  I get almost as much pleasure seeing their 1950-built house evolve into a mid-century gem as I do decorating my own. For now, though, the little bookcase looks great in the corner of my dining room.

I promise this is the last time I'll post about the free stuff.  It really is kinda tacky to keep rubbing it in, isn't it? ;)

Van Hoople painting over my sofa

Blonde bookcase repurposed as bar

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