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Friday, October 29, 2010

Rejuvenation: junk store hits the big time

Rejuvenation House Parts was founded in 1977, but the story really began in 1975, when Jim Kelly purchased a condemned Portland storefront for $1000. Having trouble finding materials to restore the building, Jim decided to create a business serving the needs of old-home renovators. He quickly realized that demand exceeded supply, so he hired his first employee to start making basic reproductions. Today Rejuvenation, Inc. offers a full line of period reproduction lighting and hardware, including a mid-century modern collection.

On my to-do list is putting their very reasonably priced chrome pulls and backplates on the cabinets in my workshop, and several of their light fixtures are on my wish list. I consider this site a must-see for anyone restoring a MCM home.


Sfera 16


Aloha closeup

Cabinet knobs


  1. I believe I have checked out their website, and I think it wonderful that a company offers these... But...

    I have found, reproductions often cost more than original vintage on places like eBay.

    Am I wrong?

    I know some folks don't mind "new repros", but there is something about original vintage that tells a story, even down to the most humble door knob...

    arg, not trying to come across as negative, I fear I might have failed!!

  2. 1950sarh, I definitely prefer vintage pieces too...but I sometimes don't have the patience to try to accumulate a whole set of cabinet pulls. :) Who am I kidding? Patience isn't my strong suit about anything...LOL I occasionally will buy a repro piece to use till I can find the original at an affordable price, and then I resell the repro. Like you, I'm pretty much a purist.