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Friday, October 22, 2010

Russel Wright reissues...and then some

I recently came across a company that is reissuing the spun metal designs of Russel Wright under an exclusive licensing agreement with Russel Wright Studios, LLC.  Each piece is manufactured to the exact dimensions, materials, finish and process as the originals and is stamped with the Russel Wright signature, as well as the HK logo, which denotes it as an authorized reissue.   
A portion of the profits of every sale goes to the support of Dragon Rock and Manitoga, Wright’s home and extensively landscaped grounds near Garrison, New York.  

HK Designs is located in Pittsburgh and manufactures metal objects for interior and exterior architectural application.  Their other products are equally beautiful in their minimalist geometric form.

The HK Russel Wright Collection

HK reissue of a Russel Wright table reflector

HK reissue of Russel Wright Roly Poly Cart

And now for the "and then some" items that I find almost as beautiful as the Russel Wright pieces.  Several of these have already made it onto my To Buy list that I turn to often when I feel like rewarding myself for some accomplishment, real or imagined.  (Of course, I have to have some of the reissue pieces.  That's a given.)

HK line of outdoor planters
(not part of the Russel Wright Collection)

One of HK's fire pits
(not part of the Russel Wright Collection)

HK's architectural bowls
(not part of the Russel Wright Collection)


  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog, I am following yours too. I love LOVE what you have so far, will add you to my blogroll so I can keep up with your posts daily!

  2. Ditto 1950's arh. I absolutely love this collection. How can it be I have never seen it before? Thanks you. I'm going to straight over to HK designs and check them out.