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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crestview Doors

When David and Christiane Erwin remodeled their own home in 2006, they couldn't find a cool retro door for their project, so David made one.  In 2007, he suggested to his wife that they make a few doors for fun and a little extra money.  Those first twelve doors were all sold in six weeks, and Crestview Doors had been launched.

After some serious production problems and a downturn in the economy that forced David to go back to work full time, the Erwins decided to start selling DIY door kits instead of the high-end, handmade doors, and the Austin, Texas-based company really took off.  Now Crestview Doors offers dozens of styles of kits, as well as house number signs, mailboxes, planters and interior mod millwork.

From and

Tom Linde's Fontenot door

The Allendale door

Anna Kuhn's mid-century makeover with Carlysle door

Retro wall panels
Top, Mr. Sandman; Bottom, Love Beads

Interior millwork, Love Beads

Crestview sample trio
l to r, Woodrow, Lexington, Allendale
Update: After a good run, Crestview Doors dramatically raised their prices, and consumers deserted them. The company is now out of business.

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