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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recycled rooms

If you find yourself in Marfa, Texas, and want a real mid-century experience, you might want to check out El Cosmico. Whether you’re attending the 5th Annual Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love (September 24-25, 2010) or are just checking out the Marfa Lights, I’m betting that a stay at El Cosmico will make the trip more memorable.

El Cosmico offers rental of yurts, teepees and tent camping sites, but the real draw for MCM mavens is the chance to stay in a fully restored trailer from the 1950s. Trailer rental ranges in price from $90-125 a night, and other amenities include a bath house, Dutch tubs, a shared outdoor kitchen, wireless internet and a hammock grove.

Tired of Holiday Inn Express? Check out these one-of-a-kind retro accommodations.

All photos from

Imperial Mansion, 1956

Kozy Coach, 1951

Royal Mansion, 1951

Vagabond, 1953

Branstrator, 1950


  1. WE are SOOOO staying here the next time we go down to Big Bend. I can't decide to get flashy and stay in the trailer or go budget and stay in one of the Yurts... what do you think?

  2. Since this is a mid-century blog, I suppose I'm biased, but I say splurge on one of the trailers. Where else are you going to have that kind of experience? (I have to admit that the yurts look very cool though. Bamboo floors? Seriously?)

  3. I love the vintage Travel Trailers.