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Monday, October 4, 2010

Modern make-overs

Mid-century modern is enjoying a renewed popularity, and reproductions, reissues and current day interpretations of classic 1950s chairs, tables, and sofas are cropping up everywhere.  While vintage furniture by famous mid-century designers and even reissues are prohibitively expensive for most of us, some of the new knock-offs are excitingly affordable.

You can find pieces reminiscent of Platner, Knoll, McCobb, Wormley and others that start in the $200 range and fit right into the MCM homes of even the most discerning collectors.  While not exact replicas, the "inspired by" styles give more than a passing nod to their original designers.  I have the CB2 Tornado and Ergo tables alongside vintage furniture in my home, and I love them both.

Edward Wormley sofa

Night and Day sofa

Harvey Probber side tables

Rustic Block side table

Platner side table

Tornado side table

Paul McCobb chair

Mid-century chair

Knoll table

Ergo table

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