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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

European ceramists

During the mid-century modern era, talented artists in Europe were experimenting with sleek, streamlined ceramics, leaving behind the more decorative styles of the past.

Stig Lindberg was one of the most prolific designers in Scandinavia. In 1937 he went to work for Gustavsberg pottery under Wilhelm Kage and became art director in 1949. He experimented freely and worked in a range of styles and materials.

Ceramist Gunnar Nylund was equally active in Sweden and in Denmark. He and Danish ceramist Nathalie Krebs started their own workshop, Saxbo, where Nylund experimented with forms and Krebs worked with glazes. In 1930 Nylund joined Rörstrand and was one of its leading designers until 1958.

In Italy Antonia Campi reinterpreted common objects, such as vases, cups and jugs. After a successful career as a ceramist, she became a designer of bathroom fixtures.

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Stig Lindberg, 1956

Stig Lindberg, 1950s

Gunnar Nylund, 1950s

Gunnar Nylund, 1950s

Nathalie Krebs, 1950s

Antonia Campi

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