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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Envy...of the Big P variety

I have an embarrassing confession to make. I suffer from a socio-psychological attitudinal modernity issue that would confound even Freud. I have prop envy.

There, I've said it. I’m addicted to Mad Men, but instead of swooning over Don Draper, I lust after Don Draper’s desk lamp. Instead of being on the edge of my seat so I don’t miss a single twist or turn of the plot, I’m far more apt to squeal with delight, “OMG, did you see that turquoise vase in the reception area?”

I pore over articles about Amy Wells, the set decorator of Mad Men. I hang on every word of interviews with Scott Buckwald, the show’s prop master. I want their jobs. I covet every item they touch. I’m obsessed.

But there is hope for me yet. Now that Don and pals have moved to new digs, items from the old Sterling Cooper set are being sold, and I found several on eBay. I placed a bid on a chair from Pete Campbell’s old office, and winning it just might cure me.

Sally had a meltdown?  Pffffffffft...Those barkcloth drapes are to die for!
And look at the tufting on that chartreuse pillow!!!

The vase for which I'd sell my next-born (which is safe to say since I'm 62 years old)

The lamp that captures my attention, no matter what Lane is telling Don

Fight? What fight?  Hey, is that a Knoll sofa back there?

Get a load of the cool googie sign over the vegetable bins.
Betty did what???  Really?


  1. Hello, my name is Jamie and I too suffer from S.P.A.M. Sometimes it gets so bad I find myself screaming at Don, "GET OUTTA THE WAY! I CAN'T SEE THE CREDENZA!" Perhaps we need to join a support group.

  2. Oh, thank goodness! I'm not in this alone. But let's don't make any rash decisions about joining a support group just yet. They might expect us to cut back on our eBaying or, worse yet, stop craigslisting altogether. What if we were doomed to a life of no estate sales??? I'm still in that denial stage where I'm pretty sure the Pete Campbell chair would fix me. :)

  3. I'm glad that even now in 2012, there is a place to come for set envy. Currently there is a series called 'Puberty Blues' on Aussie telly, set in 70's Australian beach culture! So much macramé and WG to drool over! I'm enjoying your post archive:)