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Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13...12 days till Christmas

I'm not big on surprises, so as a kid I'd sneak around when my mom went to play bridge or have coffee with the neighborhood ladies and open all my gifts before Christmas. Then I would very painstakingly tape them back up so perfectly that I could hardly tell where I had resealed them. I thought my mom didn't know, but she she had some sort of sixth sense and was wise to me. One year she decided not to put tags on any of the gifts, thinking that would thwart me. Of course, it didn't. That Christmas, I knew what EVERYONE was getting.

Ho, ho, ho...

TWELVE vintage gift tags


  1. Ha ha one year my two older brothers could NOT wait to see what we got under the tree from Mom and Dad, so they carefully unwrapped each gift. I was the kid sister, so I had no say in the whole deal.

    Well, our folks found out, and boy were they disappointed!! I felt terrible, I don't think my brothers cared.

  2. Normally my mother would have been very upset and disappointed by something like this too, but it brought out a stubborn streak in her, the likes of which I'd never seen. She said, "Two can play this game, kiddo," and the next year, she put out everybody's gifts but mine, which she locked in the storage room. I never did find that key! She was probably wearing it around her neck the whole Christmas season...LOL

  3. as someone who hates surprises, I did the same thing as you! then my mom started storing the gifts off-site but we found her lists. THEN she started to keep the lists of what she'd bought written in shorthand. that finally stumped us all.

  4. Those darn moms. How'd they get so smart? :)