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Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 19...6 days till Christmas

My maternal grandmother had this entire set of reindeer with Santa and his sleigh, which she always put out at Christmas. This set must date back to the very early 50s, or perhaps even the late 40s, because it's one of the first holiday decorations I remember.

I would sit on the floor, wearing my beige felt cowboy hat and my tan cowboy boots, and play with the reindeer for hours, making them gallop or rear up on their hind legs like stallions in the Westerns, imagining all sorts of wild adventures for Old Saint Nick. Did I mention that I wasn't particularly a girly-girl, even though they kept giving me dolls? :)

SIX vintage plastic reindeer

As I said in a previous post...Yippee Ti Yi Yo

Despite the fact that I'm a Texan, I'm not much of a "yee-haw" girl. For the most part, my western days ended when I outgrew those boots, but I could be persuaded to find a spot in my house for the Number 6 item on my Christmas Wish List...a Le Corbusier Basculant chair with ponyskin upholstery.

#6 on my Christmas Wish List
Ponyskin Basculant chair by Le Corbusier

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