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Saturday, December 18, 2010

December 18...7 days till Christmas

My mother always made batch after batch of sugar cookies during the holidays, and I always helped. She rolled out the chilled dough, and we'd cut them into stars and bells and Christmas trees and Santas, and then she let me decorate them with frosting and sprinkles or red and green colored sugar.

I found some of those old cookie cutters at a thrift store the other day, and they brought back warm, fuzzy memories of my childhood. However, unless I find a healthy recipe, I probably won't ever be able to persuade my daughter and SIL to let me make cookies for the boys at Christmas.  They're such sticklers! :)~

I tease them, but they're great parents! Christmas isn't the only thing we're counting down to this year. Baby Grayson will join big brother Holden on December 28, and I'll be Grammo for the second time!

Vintage cookie cutters

As big a fan as I am of homemade cookies, I'm not too crazy about cookie jars, which I generally find too cutesy and kitschy for my taste. However, the cookie jar my mother had when I was a kid was neither of those things. It was downright creepy and doubtless traumatized me as a child. So Number 7 on my Christmas Wish List is to get rid of the thing! How hard could that be, you ask? Well, it's become something of an issue between my daughter and me. I want to list it on eBay, but for some sentimental reason, my daughter doesn't want us to part with it.  And by "us," she means she wants ME to store the hideous thing at my house, because whenever I try to get her to take it home, she says she doesn't have room for it. I'm tempted to wrap it up and give it to her for Christmas!

#7 on my Christmas Wish List
To get rid of this disturbing thing!
Pottery Guild Old Balloon Lady cookie jar,
c. mid-1940s


  1. Ha ha Mom had a new-ish cookie jar in the shape of a cat, which normally I'd like, but it just wasn't... Cute.

    Going through her estate, I decided to mostly keep her handmade things (dolls) and vintage/antique things, and get rid of the other new-ish stuff, including that cat cookie jar.

    No regrets, tho I felt bad every time I threw/donated anything knowing she loved her things...

  2. After both my grandmothers and my mother died, I kept a ton of stuff out of a sense of obligation, not because I liked it. But five years ago, when I downsized and bought this house, I had the garage sale of the century and got rid of everything except the pieces I truly loved. Why on earth my daughter is so attached to this horrible cookie jar is beyond me. The more I think about wrapping it up and giving it to her for Christmas, the more I like that idea...LOL

  3. Um, maybe it's to scare kids away from the cookie jar? It's terrifying!
    And we had those cookie cutters too. I have very fond memories of making Christmas cookies with my Grandmother.

  4. Isn't that the most awful cookie jar ever? Sheesh, who could have thought that design was appropriate?