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Friday, December 24, 2010

December 24...1 day till Christmas

As I've mentioned, my maternal grandmother was an interior decorator at heart. While my mother was very traditional when it came to holiday decor, my grandmother was more concerned with things cutting edge and color coordinated. She was determined to be au courant about everything in the design world.

Naturally, she had to have an aluminum tree the first year they came out, and though she bought the multi-color revolving color wheel, her ornaments were always monochromatic...usually red, but occasionally all blue if she were feeling particularly Picasso-ish that year.

ONE aluminum tree with red ornaments

According to American Chronicle, the vintage aluminum Christmas trees sought by collectors today were introduced in 1959 by Aluminum Specialty Company. Soon after their debut, aluminum Christmas trees were rapidly introduced by a variety of other firms and they became one of the staples of the modern American home decor during the Yuletide season throughout the 1960s and well into the 70s.

I don't care for the Charlie Brown Christmas look of the really sparse ones, and I haven't been willing to spring for one of the really full ones, which usually cost in the neighborhood of $250-300. I admitted several days ago that I'm not much of a holiday decorator, but I bet I would be if I had the Number 1 item on my Christmas Wish List...a gorgeous Evergleam aluminum tree...with sensational new frosty finish!

#1 on my Christmas Wish List
Aluminum Specialty pom pom tree, c. 1959

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