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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Mid2Mod house

I've been asked lately if mid-century is my decorating style, and a few people have wanted to see pictures of my house. I have small images at the bottom of the bar on the right and a link to my HGTV Rate My Space pages in My Favorite MCM Links section, but they are fairly inconspicuous, so I'll include a few here.  If you want to see more, now you know where they are. :)

I'll ask my daughter and SIL to take pictures of their house too, because many of the pieces I've posted (and people have loved) belong to them.

My mid-century ranch, built in 1950

Living room

Alcove off living room

Living room built-ins

Dining room

Saucer chair in bedroom

Bedroom chest

Bedroom gossip bench

Patio, stripped down for winter


  1. I LOVE seeing other peoples mid-century homes! What an inspiration!

    I also love that you put fewer, larger things on your built-in shelves. I think it looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the look inside. Your house is really beautiful. You have such an eye for design. Your home is very warm and inviting but not "over done". I agree with ARH on the arrangement of your pieces in the built-ins. Lovely.

  3. @ARH and MCMadam Thanks so much for the kind words. I agree that seeing how other people decorate is not only fun but inspiring as well. I love the glimpses I get into both of your homes. Are there older posts on your blogs where you give a complete "tour"?

  4. Gorgeous home! You have so many beautiful pieces!! Love your couch, the gossip bench, the bent wood chair with black it all!!

  5. @Rhan Thanks! I'm sure some of your great etsy stuff will soon be in my house too.

  6. Nice place! I love that you have minimal, but amazing peices on display. (Well, minimal compared to my home.)

  7. @monogirl Trust me, learning to decorate with less does not come naturally to me. I love "stuff," so maintaining an uncluttered look is incredibly difficult. I have a tendency to buy too much and then not have anywhere to put it.

  8. Thank you for the follow & the kind words Dana. Your blog has been in my bookmarks for some time now, I thoroughly enjoy it!

  9. Thank you so much, Adriane. It's a tiny house (1200 sf), but it suits me perfectly. I'm glad you enjoyed taking a peek.

  10. I love tiny houses. :) Our upstairs is 1000 square feet. Our basement is plus or minus 1000 square feet, too, but only the two bedrooms are all that useful... Of course, we came from a 900 square foot apartment closer to the city, so this house feels palatial. Hopefully someday the inside of ours will look as edited and put together as yours.

  11. When I bought this house, I was downsizing and wasn't sure I'd like it, but I really do. I really appreciate your kind words about my house. What you so nicely call "edited" and "put together," my daughter sometimes jokingly calls "obsessive" and "compulsive." LOL