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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22...3 days till Christmas

Long before the lava lamp, there were magical bubble lights that thrilled me during the holidays. I remember how captivated I was by them as a child and how I could sit in a darkened room and look at them for hours. Spinner ornaments held the same fascination for me. Every night when my parents plugged in the tree lights, I'd wait eagerly for the bulbs to generate enough heat to make their tiny pinwheels go round.  Light would reflect off the metallic vanes and make the tree sparkle.

Of course, I was the same kid who would pull up a chair and watch the clothes go round and round in the new front loader that the home extension lady had taught my mother to use when she and my dad replaced the old wringer washer. It didn't take much to amuse me back then.

3 vintage bubble lights

THREE vintage spinner ornaments

Did someone say "bubble"? Number 3 on my Christmas Wish List is a George Nelson bubble light. Or two. Or three. What I'd really like to have over my dining table is the triple saucer fixture, but if that sounds too greedy, I'll gladly take a single.

An original George Nelson bubble lamp in the saucer shape


  1. I second the George Nelson bubble lamp! Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true...and if you get doubles on anything, send them my way!

  2. I love bubble lights, and the spinning Twinkler ornaments are my very favorites. I just did a post about them, too! We have a lamp like that in our sun room, but, unfortunately it has seen better days! I wish it looked better.

  3. @Heidi Ann: Welcome to my blog! I love yours. When I have more time after the holidays, I plan to read your older posts. There were so many things in your posts that I had Betsy McCall, for one. That brought back so many memories!

  4. @Midcenturymadam: After getting my couch and chair, I'm feeling really full of Christmas spirit, so if I get doubles, I'll be sure your stocking has something in it...:)

  5. Thank you, Dana - Your blog is fabulous! And it seems we like a LOT of the same things! I found pair of 3 "candle" electric candelabras at a thrift store and I put bubble lights (also thrifted) in them and I am probably enjoying those more than any of my other decorations this year! Happy Almost New Year!

  6. @Heidi Ann: I bet the bubble lights look wonderful instead of traditional bulbs in the candelabras. I may have to find me some for next year!