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Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23...2 days till Christmas

The iconic 1950s tree ornament is the sputnik. It came in all colors and in several variations, but it was the epitome of everything modern. There were some that were thinner...almost resembling toothpicks...but this is the type we had.

Even though Russia's launching of the real Sputnik was a blow to the United States, it made us fall in love with everything that had to do with "outer space." Rockets and satellites and stars and atomic symbols became synonymous with the era and even influenced how we decorated our Christmas trees.

TWO sputnik tree ornaments

I've never really wanted a sputnik light fixture, but while surfing for all things sputnik for this post, I found something really cool, so Number 2 on my Christmas Wish List is a vintage Crown Trifari charm bracelet. There are four 18K gold plated charms on the bracelet...two sputnik shaped and two satellite shaped, both set with cabochon rhinestones in blue, red, green and yellow. Not exactly home decor, but a girl has to have a little holiday bling from Santa Baby.

Crown Trifari charm bracelet, c. 1960

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