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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 21...4 days till Christmas

Ribbon candy was a tradition with my maternal grandmother. She was the decorator in the family, and I think she liked it for its aesthetic value more than for its flavor. It just looked pretty in candy jars, and she was all about pretty.

As a kid, I much preferred huge Christmas lollipops, and I got my share of those, but ribbon candy was a given. Every candy jar in the house would be filled with the stuff. Even though I never developed a taste for it, I do have to admit that it looked gorgeous in those big glass jars.

FOUR pieces of ribbon candy

One Christmas candy I loved when I was growing up was my paternal grandmother's divinity. Her decorating style couldn't hold a candle to my maternal grandmother's, but she could cook circles around her! Every holiday she'd made all sorts of candies, but her divinity was what we all looked forward to getting our hands on. Unfortunately, candy-making is becoming a lost art, and I wish I had asked my grandmother to teach me so I could pass it on to my daughter.  Number 4 on my Christmas Wish List is for someone to teach me how to make creamy divinity like my grandmother made...and then buy me this Kromex server to put it on.

Divinity candy

#4 on my Christmas Wish List
Kromex triple server
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  1. Mmmmmm, I remember Rum Balls or Rum Cookies!

    The Ribbon Candy I remember from my childhood is now brought to mind every time I see Carnival Glass.

  2. I did a post last year on traditional Christmas candy, including ribbon candy and the other hard candy that has designs in the middle. Mom always bought some, we never ate it ha ha.

    I remember as a kid, drinking some awful orange punch bought from the store one Christmas eve, and looking at the vintage white angel on the tree top. What I wouldn't give to be in that place again!!

  3. @Mr.Modtomic: I remember some really potent rum balls my mother made for a party once...that we kids weren't supposed to get into. We did, of course, and thought they were horrible. Little did I know I'd develop a taste later. :)

  4. @1950sarh: I remember that other hard candy too. Why was that stuff so nasty, and why did they keep buying it when we wouldn't eat it? :) I really can't even remember what it tasted like. Some was clove-flavored maybe?

    What you said triggered another memory for me...of a treetop angel my grandmother must have used when I was extremely young. I hadn't thought of it for decades. Amazing!