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Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17...8 days till Christmas

We had a full set of Santa mugs, and we used them all through the holiday season.  My mom was a regular June Cleaver (shirtwaist dress, pearls, high heels and all) and she was always baking, so there were all sorts of Christmas goodies and a need for something to wash them down with.  Sometimes we had hot chocolate with marshmallows, but more often, we drank her famous hot apple cider or spiced tea.  She'd make it in a huge Mirro-Matic coffee maker with a spigot, which stayed plugged in most of the holidays.  The Santa mugs were always sitting on the tile countertop at the ready.

Writing this post put me in the mood for a good cup of homemade spiced tea, but I couldn't find her recipe anywhere.  Even when I try to work up a little holiday spirit, I'm foiled. :)

EIGHT vintage Santa mugs

Speaking of mugs...Number 8 on my Christmas Wish List is a set of Russel Wright Iroquois Casual mugs in ripe apricot. As I've mentioned before, I collect Iroquois Casual in that color and in avocado yellow and have a service for 16 in both colors, but I haven't bought the gumbo bowls or the mugs yet. I prefer the old style mug, but I wouldn't turn down the restyled version. I'm not that picky.

Oh, did I mention that the old style mugs sell for around $90 each, and the restyled ones sell for around $70 each? While I'm asking, I might as well put an avocado set on the list, right?

#8 on my Christmas Wish List
Russel Wright Iroquois Casual original style mug, ripe apricot

Russel Wright Iroquois Casual restyled mug, ripe apricot


  1. We had only one of those Santa mugs. It lived in a macrame holder, we hung it in a doorway, and was filled with candy for the holidays. I associate those particular mugs with treats too!

  2. Isn't it amazing how one single ornament or small decoration can bring back such a flood of memories? In my case, some of those memories are 60 years old, yet they're just as clear as if they happened yesterday.