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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another massive lamp

For those of you who enjoyed the close-up of the cork lamp with teak inlay a few days ago, here's another lamp you may enjoy taking a look at.

This gourd-shaped beauty with a drum shade is 40.5" tall and extremely heavy. The base is a monstrous 50" in circumference and made of an inlay of different colored wood in a geometric pattern. I've only heard the term parquetry used to describe flooring, and I don't know enough about woodworking to know if the same terms applies to other pieces, but that would be my best guess.

When one of my blog friends visited Texas recently, this was her favorite lamp, if I remember correctly. My photos usually show it only in the background, so I hope you like getting a close-up view.


  1. massive!! oh my should be put in a special place for sure :)

  2. @Sudha: Yes, not just any old table will do for this beast. :)