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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jo Niemeyer

Jo Niemeyer (1946- ) was born in Alf, Germany. His mother was a textile designer and his father was a painter. Niemeyer studied photography and graphic art and first worked at a professional photographer. After producing his first geometric painting in 1966, he studied at the Finnish Institute for Art. In 1970 he quit his job as a photographer to pursue art.

He is known for his drawings and paintings in rich, vivid colors. His work follows the Greek "Golden Section" concept, which in Niemeyer's work means that the square is always the focal point and that tension is achieved through division. In the Bauhaus tradition, he occasionally designs furniture and works on architectural projects. He maintains a belief in a maximum of functionality with a minimum of materials.

Neimeyer has had one-man and group shows in Scandinavia, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, the United States, England, Japan, Argentina and Finland. His murals in public buildings can be found in countries all around the world including Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia.


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  1. I'm surprised those haven't been snapped up yet!

  2. @Tanya: I think Jenn wants them for herself. She talked Joe into pricing them pretty high. :)