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Monday, June 13, 2011

Old friends, (formerly) unfamiliar faces

My daughter and SIL sold their house, so they moved out the furniture they wanted to keep, and over the weekend we had the big sale of all the pieces they staged the house with, and a very successful sale it was indeed. In fact, they may be out looking for a sofa and a bed as I type this.

Even better than the money they made was running into people who "knew" us...but didn't know they knew us. OK, I'll explain. My daughter and I are pretty talkative, so we would chat up the customers about their love of mid-century design. Time and again, people would say something like, "If you love mid-century as much as we do, you ought to go to this cool shop we found in Dallas." And, yes, every time it turned out that the shop they were talking about was ours. They'd look at my daughter and say, "OMG, you're Joe's wife???" And then they'd look at me and say, "And you're the one who writes the blog???"

In turn, we would say, "Oh, you're the ones who bought the yellow Danish chair?" or "Wow, you got that great credenza, huh?" It was so much fun to meet all those folks and to put their faces with the items they bought. Since my SIL runs the store, my daughter and I miss out on meeting people most of the time.

The sale customers who made my weekend were a delightful couple named Angelica and Guyton. They were absolutely over the moon for a pair of black barkcloth pillows they had bought from the store, and when they realized we were the other two-thirds of Mid2Mod, they were thrilled. They're moving into a new apartment soon, so they were having a ball buying things to decorate with. They fell in love with a little record player that my daughter and SIL had in their rumpus room. They also got a wonderful C. Jere' style metal wall sculpture, a coffee table, a picture and a sofa and chair set. Their new place is going to be spectacular! I loved their enthusiasm for mid-century design, for each other and for life in general. Being able to play a small part in outfitting their new home was a real pleasure.

Here are the pillows that they adore so much. I've promised to look for more of that fabric so I can make a matching round one.

Angelica and Guyton's pillows

Won't they look great on the yellow sofa they bought?

Angelica and Guyton's yellow sofa

Everything you see in this picture is sold and has gone on to new homes. The sale of Jenn and Joe's house will be final on Wednesday, and then it's onward and upward to the next Mid2Mod adventure...because now that they've moved to Dallas, I'll be getting my house ready to put on the market and move there too. Stay tuned for the continuing saga...


  1. Blessing on the new adventure for the whole family. The pillows will totally make that yellow couch, btw.

  2. That is AWESOME news!! I'm SO happy they sold their house. What a huge weight lifted from everyone's shoulders. I am smiling ear to ear!!!

  3. such a pleasure reading your feels nice to bump into people u "know" never happened to me but sure would love it!!!! hope u find a even better place to move into :)

  4. How exciting! I can't wait to see what amazing homes you look at in Dallas. You'll have to have regular real estate updates. And big congratulations to your daughter and SIL!