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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roselane Pottery

Roselane Pottery was started in 1938 in the home of William and Georgia Fields. In the beginning, the couple produced figurines for local florists, but by the early 1940s, they had expanded their business and had built a factory to manufacture figurines for the retail market.

The company added small candle holders, wall pockets and modernistic animals on wooden bases, such as the cat in yesterday's post. Later in the 40s, their Chinese Modern line added vases and bowls to the products already manufactured by the Roselane factory.

Possibly their most popular line was the Aqua Marine line, which they produced from 1945 until 1952. It featured stylized fish against an aqua or pink background. There was apparently a Marine line that preceded it.

William Fields died in 1973, and the company was sold to Prather Engineering, who moved the operation to Long Beach. The company closed in 1977.


Chinese Modern pedestal bowl - LuckySevenVintage

Aqua Marine bowl - metrocollecto

Aqua Marine cruets & shaker - ionesattic

Aqua Marine plate - ionesattic

Roselane horse - CityGirlAntiques

Roselane deer - VandeCraftCeramics


  1. You know I'm going to comment about how much I like the turquoise.

  2. Just gorgeous. Love the funky lobster on the plate the most.

  3. @Tanya and DearHelenHartman: I'm on a quest for pieces of any of the marine themed ones, whether they'll look good in my kitchen or not. :)

  4. Lovely... Especially love the aquamarine plate.... Turquoise always rocks.. !!

  5. @Emreen: All those turquoise pieces are calling my name!