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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tony Paul

Tony Paul (1918-2010) was born in the Bronx, New York and studied at the Pratt Institute. He began his career, which spanned 60 years, as a designer for Robert Barber, Inc. He also worked on ergonomic design for Angelo Bisenz Associates. Early in his career he worked and became friends with Ben Seibel, Arthur Umanoff, Russel Wright and Paul McCobb. He eventually formed Tony Paul & Associates.

Although he designed furniture and housewares, he found his niche in the design of lighting, which he practiced for over 20 years. His designs were distributed by Raymor, Mutual-Sunset, Majestic Lamp, Elk Lighting, Westwood, Robert Barber, The Elton Company, Bitossi and many other companies.

His work has been featured in many design periodicals, as well as books such as Furniture for Modern Interiors by Mario Del Fabbro and Chairs by George Nelson. His work won many design awards.

Biograpical information and images from

Robert Barber, Inc.,  table
Early chair design
Fireplace group, tools

Interlace group, planters

Tempo group,. ashtray/drink holder

Elton lamp, table lamp

Elton lamp, table lamp

Westwood group, table/magazine rack/lamp combo

Westwood group, table lamp

Westwood group, table lamp

Wires collection, table lamp

Wires collection, floor lamp


  1. I JUST saw an example of that ashtray/drink holder in a flea mall today and wondered what it was! Hmmm, might have to go back!

  2. @DearHelenHartman: Apparently his things are fairly rare. They're priced sky high everywhere I've seen them.