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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Out with the new, in with the newer

Newer old stuff, that is. If I look a little down at the mouth, it's because the orange daybed I had my eye on was bought by a designer today. I had decided to buy it if it didn't sell quickly. Of course, I had a feeling it would sell fast. Even so, I had started doing a little mental living room furniture rearranging in hopes that the Orange Wonder would follow me home someday soon.

However, running a store is about selling things...not about furnishing your own house, so you don't let yourself get too attached to the inventory. The upside is that you're constantly finding new furniture when you run a store. Case in point is the purchase my SIL made today.

Yep, another daybed...before the orange one had even left the building. (And, yes, that's a Platner lamp/table combo you see on the left. Sweet, isn't it?)

And guess what? The daybed has a twin. The owner is hanging onto it till she finds just the right sofa to replace it, but we'll stay in touch with her...and maybe even find a sofa for her.

Now I'll have to contact Jonathan at Planner, Perimeter, Predictor, Paul McCobb and find out if those are Paul McCobb coffee tables.


  1. feels cozy with the heywood table :)..i have a daybed on my wish with cane sides :)

  2. It just looks like a typical home in my California neighborhood growing up. Love that.

  3. They sure look like Planner Group coffee tables to me Dana.

  4. Oh sweet. I'd settle for a daybed, loveseat, sofa... Anything in black to go in my living room. Funny thing is, black wasn't a popular color back in the 50's-60's, was it? I don't find many.

  5. Oh gee, not to mention, I'd be swapping out furniture I wasn't crazy about (in my own home), with stuff I found as I shopped for the store, if I were in your shoes!

    How lucky you can change a whole room if you wanted! Heck a whole house lol.

  6. @Jonathan: Thanks! The owner said she was told they were when she bought them.

  7. I enjoyed that orange daybed too.
    Have you heard about this new App where you name chairs of famous designers?

    Sounds right up your alley!

  8. Dang Dana...did you get a big bump in views today? I got a lot of traffic via your blog today! Thanks.

    Love the McCobb table and the daybeds aren't too shabby either. What I'd really like to get is the rattan and glass shelf. It'd go great with my Paul Frankl style living room set.

    Mr. Modtomic