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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In the store: Selig Imperial

After our weekend sale, the store was really empty, so this week we've had to focus on building inventory back up. Monday the SIL picked up three coffee tables and a sofa table. Yesterday we picked up all the auction furniture, which included several credenzas, a vanity and a couple of chests, all of which I'll show you when we get them rubbed down with teak oil and displayed nicely on the floor.

Last night the SIL, daughter and the boys went out to pick up an upholstered swivel chair, and today we pick up a huge room divider and look at several daybeds and sofas.

The piece we're having the most fun with is a black Selig Imperial chair that looks vaguely like the offspring of a somewhat scandalous union between a Hans Wegner Ox chair and an Eero Saarinen Womb chair.  Or Darth Vader's helmet. Either way, it's cool, and we like it. A lot.

You have to admit that Selig knew how to take someone else's popular design and morph it into something they could sell. There's no telling how many Eames-style loungers they produced...and to be fair, those are still considered a high-quality knockoff.  The same is true of the chair we have. It's an extremely comfortable, well-made chair, even if its lineage is a little unusual.


  1. It looks so comfortable, I think it would be great to snuggle up in and watch movies. Do you have a price assigned to it yet?

  2. @quinn: No price quite yet. The process usually involves moving the pieces in and letting them sit on the floor randomly till my daughter gets a brainstorm about a new floor arrangement, during which time the SIL is cleaning them up. Then after the floor is reset, the SIL decided on a price and I make the tags. Soon though...this usually only takes a day or two, and everything will be up on the website.

  3. looks so comfortable...but dint get the "horns" part...waiting to see the new collection :)