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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The eyes have it

Here's an interesting take-off on the traditional Snellen eye chart that most doctors use. Have fun testing your eyes and your knowledge of mid-century chairs. Check back later in the day. I'll name the designers/chairs, so you can see how you did.

Hint: With the exception of one chair below the green line, everything else is a repeat, so you don't really have to get out the magnifying glass...and watch out for different angles of the same chair.

by Blue Ant Studio


  1. I'll give it a shot.
    Wegner Wishbone Chair, Nelson Swag Leg, Jacobsen Egg Chair, ???, Saarinen Arm Chair, Bertoia Diamond, Eames Aluminum Group, Aarnio Ball Chair, Cherner Arm Chair, Eames DAX, Rapson Lounge???, Eames LCW, Gehry Wiggle, Wegner Ox Chair, Panton???

    I left out the repeats.

  2. Oh my, I simply do not know the different designer names, but I love the chart!

  3. Paulin Ribbon Chair... not Panton.

  4. Pretty cool, huh? And a little more challenging that it looks at first glance. There were a couple that had me stumped.