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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hooray for auctions and cooler weather!

Chalk up another auction success for my SIL. This one was "out in the country," and he's going to one in an even more rural location today.

Yesterday's score was a full set of Broyhill Saga bedroom furniture with those great little carved "star" accents...bed, dresser and mirror, chest and two nightstands.  It needs a little cleaning and polishing, but otherwise it's in great shape. I'm only going to tease you with a couple of the auction house photos in this post, but it will be in the store soon and properly photographed for inclusion on the website and our Facebook page.

At least I think it will make it to the floor. He went out of state Friday to pick up the rest of the set to go with the Kent-Coffey Wharton dresser we had and delivered it to the lucky buyer without ever taking it out of the trailer.

We finally had a break in the awful 106-degree weather we've been having for weeks, and the cooler temperatures put people in the mood to come out and shop, I think. Things have flown out of the store the past couple of days: a great black triple-light floor lamp, a bright blue bullet planter, the Braun stereo, the dining set with the great fabric on the chairs, the sideboard that looks so good with that dining set, the Wormley Precedent dresser/desk, a cute little Herman Miller Eames fiberglass rocker and a bunch of smalls. Things have been selling well in the Etsy store too, so now we're working on an eBay store, which we'll announce formally soon.

All in all, it's been a great weekend so far. Hope yours is going well too!

Broyhill Saga headboard
Broyhill Saga chest


  1. Whew had a stretch of 105 here last week. Glad the heat broke for you too.

    Great finds, as always!

  2. @1950sarh: We've had the longest stretch of 100+ degree temperatures since 1980, with it hovering around 103-107 for weeks, so to get down into the 90s was like a miracle! I'm glad you got some relief too.

  3. More fabulous finds. Good to hear the shop is doing a booming business. I'm not surprised though since you all have impeccable taste and a knack for finding the greatest things. Glad to hear your weather cooled a little. We are in the high 90's today and I too am looking forward to a little cool down.

  4. @Midcenturymadam: Thanks! I have to give most of the credit to my SIL for the great finds these days. He is on the lookout constantly, and he's developed such a good eye! He's putting an amazing amount of energy into making this business a success.

  5. I'm so glad y'all got that set! I thought about going to the auction to see it but I'm really holding out for some more Brasilia or Sculptra pieces. I actually saw a chest today that a dealer had for sale in Ft. Worth that claimed to be a Saga but they actually had it painted to look like one. It was the first deliberate fake mid century furniture I have seen. I'm sure it won't be the last but I hope that bad business won't be prosperous for them.

  6. @Retroplex: We've also lucked into quite a few more Wormley pieces, both dining room and bedroom. It seems it's been our week for sets of furniture.

  7. That's awesome! Wormley is sublime. I found a Drexel Declaration bedroom set today in Burnet (been looking for an affordable one for at least 6 months) and I snatched it. My aunt lives really close so we're going to make a nice road trip out of it when we can pick it up next week. And I got confirmation from Broyhill today that my coffee table is a Sculptra piece. I've suspected that it was and it's so nice to know my hunch was right. I saw a Sculptra room divider last week and my heart stopped. It had been very mistreated and is way overpriced but it's still really cool to actually see and touch pieces that I've only seen in pics.