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Friday, September 23, 2011

In praise of the poster

I thought I outgrew posters as art several decades back, but these are too cool to pass up. Here's more mid-century goodness from Blue Ant Studio. I wouldn't mind having a whole wall full of these...but nowadays I'd spring for custom framing with some sort of snazzy matting instead of using the thumbtacks of my hippie pad youth.

Eames + Nelson
Saarinen + Poulsen/Henningsen
Eames LCW
TWA Saarinen


  1. Saarinens TWA FLight Center design always reminds me of the Lambert terminal in St. Louis. Perhaps he was inspired by Yamasaki.

  2. @nickarmadillo: It would be interesting to find out how well they were acquainted and how much they influenced each other. They were both such prominent architects that they almost certainly were very familiar with each other's work, and both terminals were designed in the mid-50s.

  3. Those are fabulous! Definitely deserve better treatment than a thumbtack :) LOL.

  4. Very cool. Check out the paintings of Danny Heller at for a great painting of the space age LA airport and Eichler houses. His work would fit right in.

  5. Love them all! I was into keeping aquarium fish for a long time so that goldfish poster draws me.