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Sunday, September 11, 2011

In the store: Bedrooms, case goods and chairs

Yesterday's post showed some really large pieces of furniture that are new in the store. The Drexel Precedent dining set sold today, as did the glass-front credenza.

In addition to the Precedent dining set, we had also picked up  a Precedent desk that has drawers on both sides, a large teak wall unit and a teak room divider. In addition, we got several pieces of Broyhill Saga bedroom furniture, as well as a bedroom set from the 1952 Town and Country Flair collection by Barney Flagg for Crawford Furniture. We also found two pairs of Danish chairs, one in an oatmeal color and the other in gold. Before I could even post about them, the oatmeal set sold, and one of the gold ones did too.

The SIL also brought in five boxes of smalls and a super-cool metal sculpture. Not to be outdone, I've been buying smalls like crazy. I'll be posting about them soon. There are so many new things to look at that it boggles the mind! We've been buying so much, in fact, that we outgrew the enclosed trailer we bought a few weeks ago and had to buy a larger one. This is the kind of "busy" we love to be.

Drexel Precedent desk (with Town and Country Flair in the background)
Town and Country Flair bedroom suite by Barney Flagg for Crawford Furniture

Three-piece wall unit with dropfront bar

Teak room divider

Broyhill Saga bedroom set

Oatmeal Danish chairs

Gold Danish chair


  1. I'm drooling! You have some amazing pieces. The Saga bedroom set is gorgeous and I always love danish lounge chairs.

  2. @Rhan: I need to get a good photo of the Barney Flagg bedroom set. You'd love it too!

  3. oh my..the room divider..and the oatmeal chairs :)..awesome!! and one question, can you suggest some mcm or retro king beds which work without a boxspring

  4. @Sudha: Almost all our customers are wanting the lower platform bed look, and my SIL is recommending that they replace the existing slats with a solid piece of plywood (and perhaps attach legs/blocks to the center of it for support). We don't find many queen or king beds from that era, although a few turn up occasionally. That's why I have a Crate and Barrel platform bed mixed with vintage bedroom furniture in my own house.

  5. @I dream lo-tech: The Saga mirror, with the stars cut into the glass, is wonderful, and even though I usually like darker wood, I'm crazy about the Barney Flagg set. I'm tempted to take it home with me.

  6. The three piece wall unit has my heart palpatating! Whew, wish I lived in Dallas, but then again, maybe it's a good thing I don't! Beautiful, breath-taking pieces! GREAT finds!

  7. @Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes: It often borders on dangerous for me to be the mother-in-law of the store owner. I only work there a day or two a week, but I want ALL of it, and my SIL has to remind me sometimes that he's in the business to sell furniture, not furnish my house...LOL

  8. Love that teak room divider! And the Drexel piece. I have a Drexel bar cabinet that looks like it would have matched.

  9. @Mod Elle: I'd love to see a picture of your Drexel bar cabinet. Is there one on your blog?