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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pssst...It's called crotch.

Crotch (also called crotch veneer or flame veneer) is a flame-shaped pattern of grain with occurs when a trunk or heavy branch with two forking branches is cut through its collective center. It is a highly prized veneer cut from just below the fork. It always produces a highly figured V-grain of an extremely decorative character.


Cabinet by Cees Braakman for Pastoe, 1950s

Andre Sornay bar, 1950s

SMF secretary bar with dropfront desk, 1950s

Wall-mounted Sven Langkilde rosewood cabinet

Custom rosewood, iron and glass cabinet, 1960s
Credenza - Our store


  1. Seriously?!? That is too funny - but good to know. My mom has a piece with that type of teak grain and I can't wait to work it into conversation . . .

  2. So that's what they're called. No wonder it was so hidden to me. ( :

    The Andre Sornay bar is to die for.
    Your credenza looks great as well.

  3. @Tanya: I can't wait to hear how you bring it up...and how she reacts. :)

  4. @I dream lo-tech: I suppose it's not exactly the most frequently used furniture term...:)

    I have a post devoted to Andre Sornay coming up soon.

  5. great info...carpenters in India use stains to give that kind of finish on mdf nowadays...i never knew it was sought after :)...interesting etymology

  6. This is a fact I already knew, which tells you the kinds of people I hang out with lol...

  7. @Sudha: I thought it was interesting too!

  8. @1950sarh: I already had you pegged as a bit of a rowdy...just like me! LOL

  9. Haha... you know what, looking at it, crotch makes total sense!

  10. @Flo: It really does...but it still surprised me. haha