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Saturday, September 10, 2011

In the store: Lonnnnnnnnnnnng and cool

We sold so much furniture Labor Day weekend that we literally only had about a half dozen pieces left on the floor. We've been restocking all week, and now the store is bursting with new merchandise.

Some of the pieces are impressively large. There's an architectural bench/coffee table that expands from 55" to a massive 96" length. It's so big when it's extended that we had to photograph it outside. Then there's a Danish credenza with a smoked glass front that's a sleek 83" long. And if stretching out on funky plush is your thing, we have the most comfortable sofa on earth in a gold and brown stripe trimmed in walnut and metal. Finally, we have a long, beautiful RCA stereo with a design that's very Brasilia-esque. Oh...and I almost forgot...a Drexel Precedent dining set. The table extends to 100".

Take a look...and check back tomorrow for more.

Bench at 55" length

Bench fully extended to 96"

83" credenza with smoked glass doors
88" plush sofa

RCA stereo, 61.5" long
Drexel Precedent dining set extended to 100"


  1. Omigosh! These are gorgeous! And kudo's on all the sales. Where's your store? BTW- your home is GORGEOUS - a real dream place.

  2. Amazing finds! For those with McMansions just say supersize it.

  3. @Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes: Welcome to my blog...and thanks! Our store is located in Dallas, TX.

  4. @John Bachman: Yes, these pieces are definitely supersized! :)

  5. That bench is amazing, I love it when utilitarian objects have a secret skill.

  6. Hi Dana, turquoise saucer chair girl here. I have that bench - but I never thought of it as a bench; I always thought it was a coffee table, which is how we use it. I snagged it at my local Salvation army for $50! At the time I bought it we lived in a tiny 1948 cottage - it worked great there (at its smallest size) between our matching loveseat-sized sofas that were placed facing each other. Now we've moved into a very large 1969 house, and it works great(partially extended) in front of our very large orange sectional. Very adaptable piece!

  7. @cherie: What a find at $50! I love it at every length. Did yours come with cushions? We have three that came with ours, but they look like something straight out of the 80s, so we need to have them reupholstered.

  8. If by the same Brown Saltman furniture company, i saw that table/bench sell for $1200 on ebay back in November.

  9. How much did you sell the Drexel Precedent dining set for? It's beautiful