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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Yet another Bagni bagged

I've added another piece of Alvino Bagni to my vintage ceramics collection. Imported from Italy by Raymor and still wearing its original sticker, this piece is only 3" tall, but it's big on style and beauty.

Intended to be an individual ashtray, it has V-shaped notches on each side. The glaze is Bagni's lovely mix of orange and brown, with just a touch of ochre. This time, though, it has a faint pearlized sheen, as does the band of incised gunmetal gray.

Best of all, I waltzed away from eBay with this sweet piece for just $20.

Alvino Bagni ashtray, imported by Raymor

Alternate view

Close-up of interior glaze

Close-up of incised band

Close-up of orange glaze

Original sticker

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